Billy Moffat, also known as "B" by his fellow bandmates, is the bass guitarist for "The Works." Bills best claim to fame to date is having his track "Sunshine" used as the intro music to the Kevin Pollak show In the USA. A piece of his music was unknowingly entered by his friend Ross Owen into a compitition run by the popular US chat show host, and WON, the prize being the piece of music being played as the intro music for that series.
The most memorable moment was playing in front of 45,000 people in Hyde Park, London 2009. See the video here

Billy's undeniable talent is demonstrated through his rhythmic bass lines on his four stringed guitar. Beneath all of the stylish hats that he likes to wear on stage, there is a "thoughtful" person as Billy describes himself in one word.
Billy became interested in music at age 8 ( his first instrument being a gear cable on a Raleigh Racer ) and began playing the guitar at 10, when he honed his craft to Iron Maiden songs. As well as iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin and the Sex pistols were early influences on the young B*. Now add a little bit of Chic, Bernard Edwards and steely Dan to name a few older influences.. He has played in several bands, "Choice Spirit", "Wood", and "Instinct." He has also done an extensive amount of session work with other artists, including Gary Mullen. Along with Davie Brockett, Billy played on the Frankie Miller tribute CD on the track, "As Good As Gone".

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In 2010, Billy was officially declared an "Honorary Texan" by Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas. His most memorable on stage moment was when 2,000 people sang "Happy Birthday" to him. In the past, Billy was training to be a chef. He has a secret passion for cooking and can make a phenomenal curry!